The Role of Background Music on Online Casino Gaming Experience

When someone decides to participate in online casino gambling, they will most likely turn on their stereo or switch on some music to play on their phones or iPods while they play. After some research, most new online casinos Canada installed background music to their games. Some of the online gamers do not even notice the background music. Nevertheless, studies on a real online casino Canada have shown that background music indeed affects gamers.

Casinos will most likely set different songs for different online casino games Canada. The songs are chosen depending on the tempo and mood of the game. Some online casinos also have the option to choose the songs of their choice to play in the background while they play. Some of the most common songs playing in the background of online casinos include:

  • The gambler by Kenny Rodgers
  • Waking up in Vegas by Katy Perry
  • Poker face by Lady Gaga
  • Thrift shop by Macklemore
  • You spin me round by Dead or Alive
  • Ace of spades by Motorhead

Setting the Atmosphere

Music is believed to have an effect that creates an atmosphere of relaxation for any activity. Most of the people will go online to play during their spare time and music calms them allowing them to have fun while they play online casino Canada. The type of music set for different games sets different atmospheres, which allows players to get in the mood of the games. Music helps gamers get that feeling and atmosphere similar to a walk-in casino.

Increased Gambling Desire

Studies have shown that the desire to continue gambling increases when there is the right music in the background. The tempo and beats of the music need to be just right for the particular game. This is why most of the new online casinos in Canada use an algorithm that chooses the right music for various online games and activities. Celebratory music is set to play whenever a player makes a win. The celebratory sounds give them a feeling of accomplishment and thus they will want to keep playing.


One of the leading reasons for online casino gambling is entertainment. Music, being a form of entertainment, becomes a welcome addition to the fun. When the music is pleasant and appealing, gamers will want to keep playing as it increases the thrill of the games they are playing. 

What is your favourite song you listen to while playing at online casinos? Share with us in the comments.

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